The Best Homemade Toothpaste

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The best toothpaste is one you make yourself — so you can trust what’s in it. You need a fluoride-free toothpaste with nothing in it that shouldn’t be there. Name-brand toothpastes contain a laundry list of things that one researcher or another has deemed questionable.

Why take chances with your life and your health? Make something of your own that makes sense to you.


What’s Wrong With Toothpaste Today?

You may be surprised to learn than modern toothpastes didn’t really develop until the 1950s. Until the 1890s, all toothpastes were fluoride-free toothpastes. Ancient Greeks and Romans made do with crushed bones and oyster shells for their abrasive tooth cleaners. Times changed and commercial products eventually became available, but none really took off until fluoride toothpastes came along.

But like fluoride, many of the chemicals in today’s toothpastes were included without enough study about what impact they could have if you put them in your mouth on a regular basis. Do you really want all those chemicals with you all the time?

Sodium lauryl sulfate, for example, is an allergen for some people, can dry your mouth and can cause canker-sore flare ups, according to researchers. Yet it’s in a lot of toothpastes.

triclosan chemical in toothpaste
Fluoride may have effectively reduced cavities in some groups, but it’s also believed to be a toxin that causes reproductive and developmental delays. That’s why toothpaste packages are so careful to point out that children shouldn’t swallow fluoride toothpaste and thereby increase their exposure to its harmful effects.

Other concerning ingredients commonly found in toothpastes include triclosan, which could be contaminated with dioxin, BHT, PEG-12, FD&C Blue, DEA, sodium hydroxide and many others. Propylene glycol is often in toothpastes — and is the primary ingredient in antifreeze. Does that seem right?

We also recommend avoiding sodium saccharin — a potentially harmful artificial sweetener — carrageen and sorbitol. And we wish you good luck finding a brand that doesn’t have at least one of two of these potentially harmful additives.


The Best Toothpaste Is Made To Your Specifications

Why not make your own four-ingredient toothpaste, then you’ll know you can trust it? This homemade toothpaste recipe uses ingredients you can find easily at a health food store or a better grocery store.

homemade toothpaste ingredients
To make this toothpaste — the best toothpaste possible for those concerned about what you put in your mouth — start by gently warming a half-cup of non-hydrogenised virgin coconut oil in a pan over very low heat. Once it’s soften, add 15 to 20 drops of an essential oil you like the taste of, like peppermint or cinnamon. Then, add the abrasive power of a tablespoon of fine pumice or 2 to 3 tablespoons of baking soda. Finally, sweeten to taste with Xylitol, which actually has antibacterial properties.

That’s all you have to do to make affordable, sensible, great tasting and long-lasting toothpaste in your own home. And you can be absolutely certain what’s in it since you cooked it up yourself.

Store your cooled toothpaste in a glass jar and use twice daily for results that are better than store-bought toothpaste and don’t come with any of the health concerns.


It’s Worth It For Your Heart — And More

If for no other reason, consider making your own toothpaste for your heart health. When your mouth is healthy, there’s less risk to your heart. You see, the oxygen-hating bacteria that live in pockets between your teeth and gums are the same kind that can contribute to heart disease — and a number of organ health issues as well. These bacteria can impact pregnancies, cause respiratory disorders, strokes and many other ailments.

While a toothpaste labeled “natural” may indeed be miles ahead of whatever brand they’re selling these days at the grocery store or discount store, using your own healthy homemade toothpaste is more sensible. And since oral health is so strongly linked with overall health, it doesn’t make sense to mess around.

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For your oral health and your overall health, it’s a decision you won’t regret. No matter what toothpaste you think is the best toothpaste for you, you need to be taking care of your oral health if you want a long and healthy life.


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