Barn Door Alternatives

Sliding DoorSliding barn doors have found their way into homes across the country. From large room dividers to simple laundry doors, they add an architectural touch to any home. But what if you love the look of the sliding barn door but you’re not quite sure its right for your home? Here are some alternative designs that will help you reach that barn door look, but one that fits your style.

Wooden shutters have the opportunity to be a great substitute for a large sliding barn door. Choose a shutter that is comparable to the height of the interior doors in your house. Anything shorter than this will not cover the open doorway and you will not be pleased with the outcome. Noting that shutters are not as wide as most doors, you will want to have two shutters that will slide in opposite directions on the track. The smaller look of shutters versus a large barn door will feel less bulky in your home while still serving the same purpose. Wooden shutters also allow for refinishing in the future as you decide to update and change your home. A great place to find these type of shutters are around older homes that are currently being refurbished. Don’t be afraid to ask what they have planned for those shutters lying against the house.

Another great replacement for sliding barn doors are iron doors. These can be slightly difficult to come by new so find your way into yard sales and salvage yards to find the perfect door for your home. Some will be simple with few design flares. Others will be more ornate with curls and twists running throughout the door. Be patient and find the right one for you. A great place for a sliding iron door is somewhere you won’t always want blocked off such as a pantry or a hallway. Be sure to keep in mind you will always have a view through this door unlike the traditional barn door. Iron doors automatically add complexity to any space and will surely be a topic of discussion in your home.

An oversized mirror can also replace the rustic look of a sliding barn door. Not only are these easier to find, they also are very functional within your home. If you are planning to add a sliding interior door as your closet door, what better place to hang a mirror? Be sure to find a mirror that has a frame style that matches your home furnishings. An oversized mirror can also visually expand the area of a room making the space feel larger than it actually is. This is very important in designing a smaller home where every inch of design counts.

There are so many alternatives to the commonly found sliding barn door, you just have to look outside the box. Somewhere hidden at a large salvage yard is the perfect piece that you can turn into your very own sliding door. The key to finding exactly what fits your style is patience, and determination.

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