Fluoride-Free Toothpaste You Can Make Yourself

If you can’t find a toothpaste brand you can trust, you’re not alone. Most of the drugstore brands contain chemicals you don’t want anywhere near your mouth, including ingredients that cause developmental and hormonal problems, dry mouth and other complications. Some toothpastes even contain the active ingredient in your car’s antifreeze. Why would you put that in your mouth?

While you may be able to find a fluoride-free toothpaste if you look hard enough, don’t be surprised if you find something else in that toothpaste to which you should object.

For the best toothpaste money can buy, buy the inexpensive components and make it yourself. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Soften about a half cup of organic and non-hydrogenised virgin coconut oil in a small mixing bowl in the microwave or in a pan over low heat. Watch it carefully to avoid completely melting it or causing a fire from overheating it.
  2. Add in something to serve as a mild abrasive, like a couple tablespoons of baking soda or a tablespoon of fine pumice.
  3. Put in 15 to 20 drops or more of an essential oil you like, perhaps spearmint or peppermint. You might like cinnamon instead or a combination of two or three.
  4. Add Xylitol, an acceptable sweetener, to your own taste preferences.
  5. Mix thoroughly and allow to cool.
  6. Place the cooled mixture in a convenient glass jar and store in the bathroom, ready to use each time you brush your teeth.

Making homemade toothpaste is that simple. And be sure you don’t leave out the Xylitol. This easy-to-find sweetener has antibacterial properties that actually help eliminate germs and plaque, leading to a healthier, cleaner mouth.

The essential oil really is essential to this recipe because you need that clean feeling after brushing your teeth to help you feel that you’ve done the job right. You won’t use a toothpaste that doesn’t leave you feeling clean and fresh.

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