Holistic Dentist, San Diego Blend Together Well

San Diego
Here’s a fact you may not know: Southern California is home to a San Diego dentist citizens have been depending on for more than 30 years. In fact, it’s home to lots of other interesting and unique things too.

San Diego is a great place to call home, and the best dentist San Diego has available is located in the city that’s interesting and important enough to keep you busy for days — whether you’re a local or a visitor.


Getting To Know San Diego

Located just 120 miles to the south of Los Angeles and on the border with Mexico, San Diego ranks as the eight largest city in the USA and the second biggest in all of California. It also has the distinction of being one of the fastest growing cities in the United States. Maybe that’s why so many San Diego residents haven’t yet heard of Dr. Daniel Vinograd, a biocompatible dentist and holistic dentist that has been serving Southern California for three decades.

San Diego also has a number of other things that make it unique. That includes the fact that it’s the birthplace of California, the fact it’s a natural deep-water harbor town and the fact that health care and biotechnology are coming on strong in the area.


Understanding Dr. Vinograd

There are a number of things that make Dr. Vinograd a unique dentist too. These include his degree in naturopathic medicine, his long association and teaching relationship with his alma mater, USC, and his extensive commitment to holistic dentistry. He was involved in holistic dentistry before many of today’s dentists had even entered dental school.

Perhaps the most unique thing about San Diego is the 200 canyons and hills that separate its livable mesas, making the city less dense than many others of similar size.

Surely the most interesting and unique thing about Dr. Daniel Vinograd, the dentist San Diego can trust, is his strong commitment to his patients. Shouldn’t you be one of his patients too?



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