Los Angeles dentists could soon be increasing their bottom line

Dr. Katz teaching in LAIf you are a dentist living in Los Angeles or in the Los Angeles area, then today is your lucky day – there is now a brilliant way for you to completely transform the way that you operate at your dental practice, and increase your bottom line and profit by a huge amount, all without having to take any complicated training courses out of state. In fact, this simple one day training course called Dentox is taking place right here in Los Angeles, so you do not really have any excuse not to turn up and take the Dentox training course from the world leading expert in Botox. But why would you want to learn how to administer Botox?

Botox is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures that is currently available in the world, and people are choosing to have it not just for cosmetic reasons: migraines, nerve pain, back spasms, and over sweating are just four more medical reasons why individuals decide to go to a professional and ask for Botox injections. That means that there is a very large market for Botox injections and other types of dermal fillers, which means that by adding those treatment options to your roster at your dental practice you could easily double the number of patients that you see.

The Dentox training course just takes one day and has been put together by the leading world expert in this field, Dr Howard Katz. Beyond his four decades of experience as a dentist, he is also the patent holder and frequent pharmaceutical collaborator for Botox chemicals and injections, making him the perfect person to learn from. You could soon be offering new and current patients platelet rich plasma therapy or Botox injections, enabling you to greatly improve your bottom line without taking a step outside the city limits.

More course info: www.dentox.com/botox-training-los-angeles

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